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Research Of Hubballi’s Young Surgeon About Knee Joint Pain Grabs Attention At Goa Conference

HUBBALLI: A young ortheopedic surgeon from Hubballi grabbed the attention at the Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association held at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee indoor stadium in Goa recently.  

Dr. Abid Hussain Burujwale presented his research paper on the topic: Functional Outcome Of Proximal Fibular Osteotomy (PFO) in Osteoarthritis of knee (OA knee).

Dr. Abid Hussain spoke to Hubballi Times reporter about his research. Excerpts from the conversation:

Could you brief about OA knee?

Osteoarthritis of knee (knee joint pain / sandhivat) is one of the most common debilitating disorders affecting elderly, where in the joint cartilage gradually starts getting affected and eventually the joint motion gets restricted, sometimes leading to extreme difficulty in walking and sitting.

So what is this Proximal Fibular Osteotomy?

PFO is one of many surgical modalities to treat OA knee. The procedure is simple, patient can walk on the day of surgery itself, need not have longer duration of admissions. And most importantly, it’s affordable to all the sections of society. PFO has recently gained popularity among orthopedic surgeons in India and abroad .

Doctor please tell us about your research part you presented at IOACON 2021.

Well, I and my mentor Dr. Sunil Handralmath sir have operated over 100 patients with OA knee over the course of 5 years now. More than 95 percent of them had pain relief with very less complications.

Dr Abid Hussain with his mentor Dr. Sunil Handralmath

This seems like a very good result doctor.

Yes of course it is !!

 What are the other options to treat OA knee and why PFO is better?

There are many options developed starting from pain killers, exercises, injections in the joint, Arthroscopic procedures, high tibial Osteotomy and total knee replacement surgeries. Usually surgeries are opted only when pain is not controlled by medicines and physiotherapy. All procedures have its pros and cons. Type of surgery chosen depends on many factors specially the type and stage of OA knee. PFO can be done in mild to moderate cases, and in advance stages of OA knee total knee replacement gives better results.

So, to conclude, PFO decreases pain of OA knee. It slows the progression of OA knee to severe forms and improves knee function. It is affordable, no implants (metal parts in the body) are used, having lesser complication rates compare to other modalities and it’s need of the hour for Indian patients!!      


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