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Is This the Islam- the Religion of Peace You Speak About? Asks Pramod Mutalik

Hubballi,April 18: You say Islam is religion of peace and harmony, is this the way to peace & harmony? asked Sri Ram Sene Chief Pramod Mutalik.

Condemning the violence by the mob at Old Hubballi, he said that this is not the right way to protest.

He also condemned the attack on Hanuman temple in harsh words.

Stating that, the mob has violated the norms of Ramzan by indulging in the violence, he called upon Muslim community leaders to control their youth.

Following a provocative social media post on religion, violence broke out in Old Hubballi area on Saturday night. Several policemen & civilians were injured, and vehicles are damaged.

The Hubballi Police have registered 8 FIRs in connection with the violence, and arrested about 70 persons.

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  1. Mutalik..Yes Islam is the religion of peace and harmony, but it will not teach hatered , it will not use words which people feel bad, it teaches and explains to feed poor, Islam gives them the path to lively hood, it won’t teaches to break some one shops (that to a small vendor who sells watermelon). It teaches humanity in Ramzan clothes money is given to the poor (money or cloths are not taken like crooks are taking now a days from poor)., it won’t teaches to break any holy shrines or masjids. It teaches the teenagers to respect elders, love and respect towards humanity like other religion. Rather than giving the statement I suggest you to read Quran Bible and Geeta vedas with translation. After this only please give any such statement.

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