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Dr. Junaid Saves Baby after Performing 3 Blood Transfusions in Womb

HUBBALLI, Feb 25: Dr. Junaid Jamadar recently saved a 31-week-old foetus who was suffering from severe Anemia and Hydrops, by performing intrauterine blood transfusion, a procedure that involves blood transfusion to the foetus inside the womb.

Consultant Interventional Radiologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist at the Vihaan Heart Care and Superspecialty Hospital Dr. Junaid A Jamadar became the first doctor to perform Intrauterine Fetal blood transfusion in Hubballi.

Speaking to Hubballi Times, Dr. Junaid informed that a woman was under the obstetric care of Dr. Vijaylaxmi at Lifeline Hospital with an Rh-negative pregnancy. The fetus presented at 31 weeks with fluid collection in the abdomen and around the heart may develop signs of heart failure.

Therefore, the fetus required an urgent ‘O’ negative blood transfusion via the placental vein. A total of 3 blood transfusions were done almost every week to delay the delivery for more than 3 weeks till the fetus matured. The pregnancy was on strict monitoring and follow-up twice weekly.

The baby was delivered in a healthy state at 34 weeks by Dr. Vijaylaxmi. A team of expert Neonatologists spearheaded by Dr. Veeranna Mudhol and supported by Dr. Marthandappa and Dr. Shriharsha made sure that the baby was taken good care after the birth.

Such Cases Were Referred to Metro Cities Earlier:

In the past, such cases were referred to metro cities like Bengaluru and Chennai for treatment. But with the advent of advanced technologies and expertise, such services are now available in Hubballi-Dharwad.

Many such fetal Interventions are done under the expertise of Dr. Junaid Jamadar and are now available at Vihaan Hospital. Some of these are Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villous Sampling, Cordocentesis, Fetal Reduction, Fetal RFA, Fetal Laser, Fetal shunts and Cord coagulation.

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