Route Diversion for Buses and Heavy Vehicle Tomorrow

HUBBALLI, Feb 23: In a bid to control the traffic during Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s visit to Dharwad district tomorrow, February 24; there will be a traffic diversion in force from 10 am to 9 pm.

According to a release issued by the Deputy Commissioner Divya Prabhu, routes of buses and heavy vehicles passing through National Highway 218 (Hubballi-Vijayapura) will be diverted to decongest the traffic movement due to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s programme in Navalgund.

Heavy vehicles moving from Hubballi towards Vijayapura will be diverted from Kusugal to Nargund via Byahatti, Tirlapura, Halakusugal Cross, and Alagavadi.

Similarly, heavy vehicles coming from Vijayapur towards Hubballi will be diverted Naragund to Kusugal via Alagavadi, Tirlapura, and Byahatti.

Buses coming from Hubballi will reach Naragund via Yamanur, Tirlapura, Halakusugal Cross, Alagavadi, Gobbaragumpi, and Gobbaragumpi Cross.

In the same way, the buses coming from Vijayapura will be diverted from Naragund and reach Yamanur via Gobbaragumpi Cross, Gobbaragumpi, Alagavadi, Halakusugal Cross, and Tirlapura. Heavy vehicles coming from Annigeri side will go through Hallikeri, Navalli, Shalavadi, Tadahala, and reach Naragund.


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