Satta Bazar’s Predictions For Assembly Polls Proven Correct

The predictions made by the Satta Bazar, which was betting on the BJP in three states and had predicted the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) win in Punjab, have proven correct in the early trends.

The bookies, who run the Satta Bazar secretly, had said that the saffron party will be ahead of others in overall results.

The Satta Bazar had predicted a BJP government with one third majority in Uttar Pradesh, and as of now their calculations are correct.

“We had said that the BJP had no effect of farmer agitation and anti-incumbency. We had said that the SP will be the runner-up party. Our calculations are correct,” said a bookie wishing anonymity.

The bookies had said that the Congress and others would be nowhere in Uttar Pradesh. They even didn’t take bets on the Congress for any seat.

In Punjab, the bookies had predicted that the AAP will be the largest party which will form the government. The bookies didn’t give a single seat to the BJP. Here too their calculations proved right.

In Goa, the bookies had predicted that the Congress would be leading in a few seats.

In Uttarakhand, they were betting on the BJP, they were giving the Congress the number two position.

“The election is over, now we can say we were better than exit polls,” said a bookie.

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