Will Get You Booted Into Prison:BJP MLA Tells Woman Activist

Bengaluru, Sep 3:An incident of Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali threatening a woman activist in public that he will get her booted into the prison came to light in Bengaluru on Saturday.

The comments made by the MLA Limbavali have created public outrage and slammed by people.

Ruth Sagay Mary, who also works for the Congress party, explained on Saturday that she had tried to meet him during his visit to the flood-affected areas in Whitefield.

Limbavali tried to snatch the petition from her and when Ruth asked him to listen to her woes, he burst out and threatened her.

“MLA Limbavali has instructed the police to boot me out into the prison repeatedly. He told me that, do you have any respect and honor? You encroach the land and now you come in front of the MLA. He also asked the police to drag me to the police station and made me sit there,” Ruth stated.

The activist maintained that the BBMP is trying to demolish her property built in 1971. Whatever may be the problem, the MLA could have behaved properly with the woman in a public place, she stated.

Ruth alleged that she was kept in the police station till 10 p.m. and not allowed to make any calls.

She also alleged that MLA Limbavali tried to drag her hand and came to hit her.

In his defence, Limbavali has stated that he had only asked the woman to clear the encroachment.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, senior leader and Congress MLA demanded that the State Women’s Commission should take note of the incident.

“The MLA should not have spoken to a woman like that. This is uncivilized behavior. The MLA has used singulars on her and threatened that he would ensure she is imprisoned. Who is he to talk about all this? All BJP leaders are displaying arrogant behaviour,” he said.

Priyank Kharge, Congress MLA and KPCC media in-charge, asked where are the BJP leaders who questioned him on his comment of women being compelled to go to bed with netas to get government jobs.

“Is MLA Limbavali a rowdy? He does not have patience to receive petitions and listen to woes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Revenue Department official Parthasarathy has lodged a complaint against Ruth alleging obstruction to their duty by her with Whitefield police station.

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