Monthly Power Bill To Go Up By 4% Across Karnataka

Tariff hike is effective from April, will apply to Hescom, too

Your monthly power is set to go up by about 4% as the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has approved an average hike of 30 paise per unit for the financial year. 

The hike, which is keeping in mind the increase in fixed/demand and energy charges, will come into effect for the power consumed from the first meter reading date falling on or after April 1, the KERC said in a statement, according to media reports.

The arrears for April and May will be recovered in October and November, respectively, without any interest. 

The electricity supply companies had sought a hike of 135 paise per unit. The hike will apply to all electricity supply companies, including Hubli Electricity Supply Company (Hescom).

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