KIMS Has 96 Black Fungus Cases


DHARWAD: Director of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. Ramlingappa Antartani has informed that 96 persons infected with the black fungus are undergoing treatment at KIMS, Hubballi.

 “Around 109 black fungus patients from various districts, including Dhawad, were admitted to KIMS till May 24. Later, some of them have returned to district hospitals near their respective native places,” Antartani said.  

A total of 96 people with black fungus from various districts, including 20 from Dharwad, are currently being treated KIMS.

The state government has however said that all district hospitals will treat black fungus (mucormycosis) and instructed taluk hospitals which have the necessary infrastructure to treat the infection.

Mucormycosis cases are being reported form almost all the districts in Karnataka. All the government medical college hospitals and district hospitals are permitted to treat the infection.

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