Gold Missing Case: CID Interrogates People In Dharwad

DHARWAD: Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers visited a coffee shop located opposite the High Court Bench in Dharwad and conducted ‘mahazar’ of the place in connection with the ‘gold missing’ case.

The CID is investigating a case of around 4.8 kilograms of gold which was allegedly missing from the car after the vehicle was seized by Yamakanamaradi Police in Belagavi district and parked at the police station in the month of January, 2021.

The team also questioned the staff of a nearby petrol bunk, DH reported.

The alleged kingpin of the ‘gold missing’ case Kiran Veeranagouda was arrested by the CID from the house of a close relative in Hangal in Haveri district recently.

According to the report, Veeranagouda was also with the CID officers when they visited Dharwad.

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