TN Launches New Project To Make Mathematics Easier

An effort to make mathematics learning easier through an activity-based learning project will be launched in Tamil Nadu soon, officials said on Tuesday.

The project, ‘Magizh Kanitham’ (Learning Mathematics with Joy) will, according to Samagra Shiksha officials, kindle interest among children to learn mathematics. This new teaching concept will teach basic mathematics, algebra, and geometry through 180-minute videos.

The state Education Department is planning to implement the Magizh Kanitham in 6,948 government middle schools across Tamil Nadu with immediate effect.

State Samagra Shiksha officials said that the assessment done on the students has revealed that most of the students in middle schools were finding mathematics difficult and considered it a dreaded subject.

They expressed hope that the students would get basic knowledge of the subject through video learning and get a grip of the subject through this innovative method of learning.

The involvement of mathematics teachers in analysing the students is also an important part of the new concept of learning the subject.

The School Education Department is conducting an online training programme for mathematics teachers on January 20 and 21 to give them a basic knowledge on the new concept.

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