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Now The mRNA Vaccination Combating COVID-19 In NFT

New Delhi, July 2: The University Of Pennsylvania mRNA NFT: Vaccines For A New Era is a stunning 3D digital piece which transports viewers to the molecular level and displays a state-of-the-art mRNA vaccination combating COVID-19.

On July 15-25, 2022, Christie’s New York will make this NFT available online (estimate on request). The University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Drew Weissman, whose ground-breaking work assisted in the development of mRNA vaccines, created this unique digital sculpture.

The mRNA patent documents that belong to the University of Pennsylvania are included with the NFT, along with an original letter from Dr. Weissman whose work led to important advancements that made mRNA vaccines safer and more effective. The NFT also includes a storyboard that explains what it depicts. The auction’s proceeds will help fund ongoing research projects at Penn Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter Klarnet, Vice President, Senior Specialist in the Books and Manuscripts Department said, “We’ve all heard about mRNA vaccines on the news, now this amazing NFT gives us an unprecedented view of this technology in action. It’s been a privilege to work with the scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, who are doing the work that is saving millions of lives worldwide, and gratifying to know the proceeds from this sale will help Dr. Drew Weissman and his team harness this new kind of vaccine to fight a greater range of illnesses and alleviate even more suffering.”

Science’s primary weapon in the fight against the COVID virus has been the development of MRNA vaccines, a novel technique. mRNA vaccines are intended to instruct the body to produce a protein that activates the immunological response, in contrast to conventional immunisations that use a weakened or inactive germ to elicit an immune response. This one-of-a-kind NFT includes a remarkable one-minute 3D sequence that demonstrates mRNA encapsulated inside of lipid nanoparticles, given via a vaccination, and acting in the body to instruct cells to manufacture a protein to aid the immune system in combating COVID.

Drew Weissman, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Vaccine Research at The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “More than 15 years ago at Penn Medicine, my colleague Dr. Katalin Kariko and I found a way to modify mRNA to make it safe, effective, and practical for use as a vaccine against COVID-19. Now, we are working on using mRNA to treat or prevent flu, herpes, malaria, certain forms of cancer, and genetic disorders, including sickle cell anemia. I want to thank all who bid in this auction. Your support is essential to help us bring mRNA vaccines and therapeutics to the world.”

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