Man Escapes Death As Lorry Hits Car Near KMF

Dharwad, January 08: A man escaped with minor injury as a lorry hit his car when he tried to avoid an auto rickshaw on the road opposite the KMF between Hubballi-Dharwad.

Just as the driver was moving his car, a lorry hit his vehicle and the car stopped at the spot.

According to a report, Dharwad sub-divisional ACP Anusha and Suburban Police Inspector Pramod Yaligar, who were nearby, rushed to the spot. They helped the driver out of the car and rushed him to hospital. The driver, who is injured in the leg, is still in hospital.
Two other police officers at the spot ensured that the stranded and battered car was also moved, and traffic was restored on the road.
The ACP, Inspector and two police staff members Basavaraj Magundannavar and Vasanth Malagi inspected the point of the accident. The Dharwad traffic police too came and inspected the point, before registering a case.

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