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LPG Leakage Sparks Panic on NH-4 Near Belur Industrial Area, Dharwad

Dharwad, August 17: Panic ensued in the vicinity of Mummigatti and the Belur Industrial Area in Dharwad as an LPG-laden tanker became wedged under an underpass, resulting in a significant gas leakage.

The alarming situation transpired when the upper part of the LPG tanker came into contact with the underpass roof, prompting the hazardous gas to escape into the surroundings.

Consequently, vehicular movement along the bustling Pune-Bengaluru Highway came to an abrupt standstill, causing disruption for over six hours.

Immediate response was mounted by fire and emergency services personnel along with the police, who swiftly converged on the scene to mitigate any potential mishaps. Residents residing in the vicinity were promptly advised to secure their residences by closing all doors and windows. Furthermore, as a safety measure, power supply was temporarily suspended until the gas leak could be effectively contained.

Deputy Commissioner Gurudutt Hegde issued a statement emphasizing the deployment of a sizable contingent comprising more than 50 fire and emergency service professionals and police officers. These officials diligently directed the public to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines.

In a bid to avert any potential catastrophe, authorities cordoned off the stretch of the highway near the High Court. An alternate route was arranged to facilitate the smooth diversion of vehicles en route to Belagavi and Bengaluru.

According to police reports, the incident unfolded when the tanker driver, instead of utilizing the National Highway, opted for a service road to access the Belur Industrial Area. Traversing an underpass proved fateful, as the upper portion of the tanker collided with the underpass ceiling, setting off the gas leak.

Law enforcement officials reassured that the situation was under control. However, the process of fully restoring traffic on the NH was estimated to take an additional three to four hours.

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