Hubballi Girl Makes Attempt To Create World Record

HUBBALLI, January 08: Stuti Kishor Kulkarni has made an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by completing 100 metres in the three-hula hoop roller skating inline category within 23.35 seconds.

Stuti, aged 10 years, is a Class 4 student in Parivarthan Gurukul.

While participating in the skating event on the tendersure road in Shiroor Park, Stuti completed the stretch within 23.68 seconds. In the second attempt, she took 23.88 seconds. The third try got Stuti to reach the goal within 23.35 seconds, which proved to be her best timing.

She has broken the record in the 3-hula hoop event set by Australian athlete Marawa Ibrahim, who had timed 27.26 seconds, in a London event in 2017.

Stuti started hula hooping in roller skating as a hobby at the age of four years and is currently being coached by Akshaya Suryavamshi of the Hubballi Roller Skating Club.

In 2018, Stuti entered the India Book of Records, the World Records India and the Record Holiday Republic India, among other records, with her excellent timing in the hula hoop rounds of inline skating. Following intense coaching, she completed the 3-hula hoop event in the high wheel inline skating with a record timing in 2019. This too got her entry into the World Records India.

Her parents have expressed pride at their daughter’s achievements.

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