Hoping Against Hope: Desperate Citizens Queue Up At Closed Grocery Shops To Buy Essentials

Many say they have run out of food items but can’t buy until June 7  

HUBBALLI: People queued up at a grocery shop near Hari Mandir, Pinjar Galli, in the heart of the city on Friday, June 4, to buy essentials although they cannot officially buy the provisions until 6 am, June 7. 

But to their disappointment, the owner didn’t open the shop in view of the government order. 

Dharwad Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil had allowed grocery and meat/fish shops to open only for three days (May 27 to June 29) from 6 am to noon. The decision has been widely criticised because the authorities have allowed bars and alcohol establishments to remain open from 6 am to 8 am for takeaways (parcels) on all days. Many people have wondered whether alcohol is more important than grocery. 

Hubballi Times spoke to people who lined up at the grocery store in Pinjar Galli. Some said they had run out of essential items. 

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