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Further Arrests Made in Morphed Photos Case in Hubballi

Hubballi, Aug 12 : The investigation into the disturbing case involving the dissemination of digitally altered and inappropriate images of female students from a private college on various social media platforms has taken a significant step forward with the recent apprehension of two additional suspects.


The Hubballi City police have reported the arrest of Kiran Chavanagoudar, who is suspected of hacking into social media accounts, and his accomplice Shivanand Akki. Both individuals are now in custody and are currently undergoing intensive questioning as part of the ongoing investigation. This development follows the recent detention of Rajanikanth Talawar, who was also linked to the same case.


Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that one of the arrested individuals was a student at the same college as the victims who filed the complaint, while the other was enrolled in a different educational institution. The collaboration between the authorities and the social media company has proven instrumental in identifying and locating the suspects involved in this troubling incident.


The arrests mark a significant stride towards bringing those responsible for the reprehensible acts to justice. As the investigation continues, the authorities are committed to unearthing the full extent of the matter and ensuring a safe environment for students both online and offline.

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