Doctor Loses Rs. 1.49 Lakh In Online Fraud

HUBBALLI: A fraudster siphoned off Rs 1.49 lakh from a medical practitioner, through a link sent to a mobile phone.

An unidentified person called Dr. M Jeevannavar and said that he wanted to bring 25 patients for blood check up. Dr. Jevvannavar could not understand Hindi so he gave his phone to his friend Ashok Thakur, a retired teacher. Thakur then asked the caller to call on his mobile number as the voice was not cleared in the doctor’s phone.

The fraudster sent a link to Thakur’s phone and said, “I want to deposit Rs. 20,000 in advance for the blood check up of 25 patients. If you pay Rs. 20,000 through PhonePay, you will get Rs. 40,000 in your account.”

Rs. 1.49 lakh was allegedly transferred when the link was opened, and OTP was entered.

The Cyber police have registered a complaint in this regard.

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