Dharwad Dist May Get More Relaxations From Tomorrow. Here’s What DC Says

HUBBALLI: It’s inexplicable why the district has been left out of Unlock 2.0 despite a test positivity rate of less than 5%.

Dharwad may get more relaxations from the Covid-19 lockdown as the district’s test positivity rate is less than 5%. 

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced Unlock 2.0, giving relaxations to 16 districts that had a test positivity rate of less than 5%.

While the surrounding districts such as Gadag, Belagavi, Haveri and Uttara Kannada were included, Dharwad was surprisingly left out. Everyone presumed that the test positivity rate in Dharwad is more than 5% but that’s not the case.

The test positivity rate, or TPR, refers to the number of Covid-19 samples that come back positive out of the total samples tested. For example, if five samples come back positive out of the 100 samples tested, the TPR would be 5%. 

The test positivity rate in the Dharwad district has never been 5% in the past 10 days.

Here are some statistics: 

1) The current weekly TPR is just 4.15%. The daily TPR is as follows: a) June 13: 5.8%
b) June 14: 5.5%c) June 15: 4.5%d) June 16: 4.1%e) June 17: 3.4%f) June 18: 3.3%g) June 19: 2.5%
2) The TPR of the last 10 days is just 4.5%. 
Speaking to Hubballi Times, Dharwad Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil confirmed that the district’s weekly TPR is indeed 4.15% and the 10-day TPR 4.5%. 

He said discussions were under way to include Dharwad under Unlock 2.0 (which begins on Monday, June 21, and will be in force until July 5). 

A decision will be arrived at within a few hours and an announcement could be made this evening (Sunday, June 20), he added. 

Dharwad is currently under Unlock 1.0 with limited permissible activities. 

The exclusion of the Dharwad district from Unlock 2.0 has upset citizens. They fear that businesses will suffer further and daily wage workers will be hit hard if the restrictions continue for another two weeks. 

The following relaxations have been given under Unlock 2.0: 

1) All shops can function from 6 am to 5 pm. 
2) City buses will run at 50% capacity.  3) Restaurants, hotels, clubs, lodges, resorts, gyms and government/private offices can function at 50% capacity. 
4) People can freely travel from one district to another. 
5) Parks can stay open from 5 am to 6 pm for walkers and joggers. 

Stay with Hubballi Times. We’ll keep you posted. 

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