‘Dead Man’ Found Alive At Post-Mortem

Bagalkot, March 05: Family members of a 27-year-old man who was injured in a road accident have alleged that doctors declared him dead and sent him for post-mortem, where he was found alive.

Shankar Gombi, who suffered head injuries at Mahalingpur in Bagalkot, was referred to a private hospital in Belagavi recently.

Doctors said his chance of survival was rare and that he should be sent home. The family members then brought him to Mahalingpur government hospital, where doctors declared him dead and sent the body for post-mortem. The staff at the post-mortem centre noticed thumbs and fingers moving. They tested for breath and pulse and found them feeble, reports The Hindu.

The youth was shifted to the ward where he is recovering, his family reportedly told journalists in Mahalingpur.

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