BJP Leader Penalised After Argument With DCP At Chennamma Circle


HUBBALLI: A former corporator and BJP leader allegedly misbehaved with a deputy commissioner of police when the officer was checking vehicles at Chennamma Circle in Hubballi on Saturday, May 15, 2021, as part of the lockdown enforcement.

Rajanna Koravi reached Chennamma Circle by car driven by his personal chauffeur. DCP Ramarajan K. asked the chauffeur, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, where they were going during the lockdown.

Fumed by this, Koravi walked out of the car and got into an argument with the DCP. He thundered: “I am a former corporator.”

The DCP took exception to Koravi boasting about being a former corporator. “Why do you say you are a former corporator. The law is the same for everyone. We have the right to ask where you are going during the lockdown.”

Koravi insisted on identifying himself as a former corporator. As to where he was going, he said: “We are going to a farm at Gabbur. Come with us.”

The DCP retorted: “Should I come to your farm while I am on duty?” He then asked his officers to penalise the driver for not wearing seatbelt.

The corporator got agitated by this and dared the DCP to penalise him. At this juncture, junior police officers tried to calm down and mollify Koravi. The former corporator then demanded that the DCP show him the evidence of the driver not having worn the seatbelt. “What proof do you have,” he thundered. “Learn to speak politely. Give respect and take respect.”

The DCP stood his ground and asked his officers to penalise the driver.

The argument ended and Koravi was allowed to go after his chauffeur paid the fine.

Speaking to reporters later, the DCP said he was just following the law. “We can’t let people travel tens of kilometres just to buy vegetables. We are checking vehicles to reduce the lockdown violations.”

The DCP lamented that even common citizens would argue if police asked them why they were venturing out during the lockdown.

“In many cases, we don’t argue with people. But if they cross the line, we take action. We can’t compromise on that,” DCP Ramarajan said.

DCP Ramarajan speaks to media after the argument took place.
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