What Day Of The Week Were You Born? Ask This Little Boy

HUBBALLI: The unique talent of Abdul Matin, an 11-year-old boy from Yellapur, is drawing the attention of the world.

His ability to tell the day of the week when a person was born, if given the birth date in just a few seconds helps him go back at least about 400 years. Also, Abdul is on the brink of entering the Guinness Book of World Records in spelling an English word backwards.

Abdul, who is the second son of Salim Sheikh and Mumtaz Begum, lives in Sharada Galli of Kalamma Nagar, Yellapur. He is studying in Class 4 in the Mother Theresa English Medium School. He is being trained by YOGI Topper’s Point director Yogesh Shanbhag.

Hubballi Times met this boy on the premises of Sana Shaheen PU College in Hubballi recently and had a Facebook live session with him. (Video attached)

Managing Trustee of Sana College Mr. Ashraf Ali said, they were searching for a mentor and someone known to them gave my contact. They tried calling and me as I was busy they could not meet me for a month. Ultimately they came to the college.

“Inspite of his illness because of endosulfan he is  God gifted and extremely talented with unusual memory power. I have sent him along with his mother for a 30 day English language, public speaking and personality development training to Hyderabad under the renowned trainer Munawar Zama. They have been given free boarding stay at our 3 star property Metropolis in Secunderabad,”  Mr. Ashraf Ali added.

The young boy is extremely enthusiastic about creating a world record in spelling English words backwards at an international-level contest. The current topper in the event is a Nepali boy, who spelled 36 English words backwards. Abdul hopes to spell 39 words a minute, and create a new record.

The boy speaks English, Kannada, Hindi, Konkani and Urdu. He can give multiples of numbers till 50, which has interested people, who feel that the boy’s talent should get better recognition, at a wider platform.

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