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The HDUDA Has Decided To Punish Those Who Do Not Use The CA Site In The Correct And Prescribed Manner.

Hubballi,July14: Hubballi Dharwad Urban Development Authority(HDUDA) has decided to crack down on those who are not using the CA site in the correct and prescribed manner.

HDUDA has taken appropriate action after waking up from this.

Yes.. HUDA has already provided 359 CA sites, out of which at least more than 200 sites are not properly utilized in the survey. HDUDA Chairman Nagesh Kalaburgi said that HDUDA will get back the unused sites. It is a rule that space should be reserved for the CA site in any layout construction. Allocate such CA site from time to time for the purpose of civic infrastructure where central government, state government, community building, hospital, educational, cultural building, religious, childcare, sports activity, exercise school, fair price shop, fruit shop, vegetable shop, social functions. HDUDA will give the CA site after calling the application. There is no scope for self employment, commercial activity or house construction in CA site. HUDA has noticed that houses, commercial shops, farm houses, etc. have been constructed in some places in violation of the rules in this CA plot. The owner of the plot in the local layout also came and complained to the authority, so the given site was taken back.

More than 200 CA sites have already been identified. Notices have been given to 40 misused sites. In one month, the CA site that issued the notice will be canceled and the application will be invited to the CA site again. Nagesh Kalaburgi said that HDUDA will get an income of Rs.125 crore from this.

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