Strict Lockdown In Dharwad District For Another 14 Days

Big changes in working hours for grocery stores, meat shops and restaurant takeaways


HUBBALLI: The Dharwad district will remain locked down under strict curbs for another 14 days, starting Monday, May 24, 2021. 

What this means is that the strict conditions imposed on the weekend (May 22 and 23) will continue for two more weeks, with very few relaxations. On Saturday and Sunday, the district administration had imposed a brutal lockdown, allowing essential shops (groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc) to open only for two hours, between 6 am and 8 am. 

Dharwad Deputy Commissioner Nitish Patel issued a detailed order on Sunday, May 23, 2021, with regard to the lockdown.

Here are the key points: 

1. The lockdown will be in force from 6 am, May 24, 2021, to 6 am, June 7, 2021. 

2. Restaurant takeaways (parcels) will be permitted for two hours (6 am to 8 am) only on one day (Monday, May 24). 

3. Grocery and meat shops will be permitted to open for four hours (6 am to 10 am) only on two days (May 27 and 28). 

4. Weddings, housewarming and birthday celebrations will be banned. 

5. Indira Canteens will remain open for takeaways. 

6. Up to five people can attend funerals. 

7. Trains and flights will continue to operate. Passengers will have to produce the tickets to travel by auto/cab/taxi. 

8. The following government offices will be allowed to remain open: Health and family welfare, medical education, police, home guard services, prisons, fire and emergency services and revenue departments. 

9. All offices related to electricity and water supply, Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, urban local bodies, district administration, etc, will remain open. 

10. Courts, High Court, judicial offices, etc, will remain open. 

11. All offices and staff engaged in Covid-related work will remain open. 

12. The treasury department can work at 50% capacity. 

13. All the designated forest department offices will remain open. 

14. Central government offices, telecom offices, petrol pumps, CNG stations, post offices, customs offices, railways, etc, will remain open. 

15. Hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, clinics, medical laboratories, diagnostic centres, blood banks, etc, will remain open. 

16. E-commerce firms can deliver only essential items. 

17. Banks and ATMs will remain open.

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One Comment

  1. What does the below mentioned Point no.2 mean?
    If we need dinner for 24th and need to take parcel , we need to collect in on 24th morning itself and consume in night?

    Point as mentioned below:
    2. Restaurant takeaways (parcels) will be permitted for two hours (6 am to 8 am) only on one day (Monday, May 24).

    Is Swiggy Zomato operating from 24th May to 7th June ?

    How many Indira Canteens available in Hubli to access and what are the time we are allowed to visit there?

    Pls clarify in detail above points so we can follow all protocols.

    Pls make a note many Bachlors/Students at home /rooms/Hostels with no cooking capacity are dependent on food delivery from Hotels and Online Delivery partners. So pls don’t stop these services for mankind.

    Pls think on these as well,else people will be forced to come out searching for food to survive

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