Pro-Pak Slogans Case: Naseer Hussain Calls for Inquiry

HUBBALLI, Feb 28: Rajya Sabha member and Congress leader Dr. Syed Naseer Hussain has said that he has asked the police to investigate Pakistan Zindabad sloganeering case.

Hussain shared a video on ‘X’, and said, “Today, as some of our party workers In a video post shared on ‘X’, Hussain said, “Today, as some of our party supporters and workers and some people were celebrating the victory of three candidates, I was there in the midst of them and then lots of slogans like ‘Naseer Hussain Zindabad’, ‘Naseer Khan Zindabad’, ‘Naseer Sahab Zindabad’ and ‘Congress Party Zindabad’ were being raised by some of the workers.”

“Then all of a sudden as I was leaving for my house, I got called by the media saying that somebody had raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. I would like to say here that when I was there in the midst of the people, a lot of slogans were being raised but I never heard the slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, but whatever it is we have the police and let the police investigate it,” he added.

Hussain continued, “If someone has raised such a type of slogan, then he has to be dealt with sternly and strictly according to the law. There should be an inquiry. And in case someone has morphed or doctored the video and played mischief, even that has to be inquired about. And if somebody has given the slogan, there should be a proper inquiry into who the person is, where he came from, how the person entered the premises, and what was his motive or intention behind raising those slogans. should be investigated.”

“However, as far as I am concerned, when I was there, there were no such slogans that were raised, because if the slogans had been raised in our presence then I am sure no sane person or an Indian citizen would have tolerated it. So let us wait for the enquiry and whatever comes forward, we will be there in the public domain. Thank you so much,” the Rajyasabha member clarified in the video.

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