Midnight Operation: Keshwapur Police Detain Over 20 Rowdy-Sheeters

HUBBALLI, July 07: Giving a tough message to anti-social elements in the twin cities, Hubballi-Dharwad police are regularly conducting midnight operations and taking the custody of rowdy-sheeters.

In such an operation, Keshwapur police took custody of over 20 rowdy-sheeters and 45 other people for disturbing the public.

“20 rowdy-sheeters and 45 other people, in the limits of Keshwapur police station, were taken into custody for consuming alcohol in empty layouts, on roads and in public places in Keshwapur area,” a police communiqué said.

“Cases have been registered against a total of 50 people under the KP Act and action has been taken and appropriate warnings have also been given. Their past and present behavior and activities are being checked and they will be monitored. Also, their parents have been instructed to give them appropriate advice,” the police said.

Such operations will be carried out continuously, the police added.

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