K’taka Police To Summon Actor Shakti Kapoor’s Son Siddhanth Kapoor Again

Bengaluru, July 20: Karnataka police, which is investigating the drugs case involving actor Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhanth Kapoor, will summon him for further inquiry, according to police sources.

Siddhanth, who is also Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor’s brother, will be asked to appear before police for further inquiry in a week, say police. The notice will be sent on WhatsApp as well as through a register post, police sources said on Wednesday.

Police explain that he will be interrogated on his earlier statement that his drink was drugged and he didn’t know anything about it.

Karnataka police have arrested Siddhanth Kapoor in connection with consumption of drugs in Bengaluru in June. He was arrested while partying at a five-star hotel in the limits of Halasuru police station in the wee hours. The police, after getting a lead, conducted a surprise raid and took 35 persons into custody.

A 25-member police team had conducted raids and taken Siddhanth Kapoor and others into custody. Medical tests had confirmed the consumption of drugs by Siddhanth Kapoor and the police have released on station bail after arresting him.

During the inquiry, he had said that someone had given him water and cigarettes laced with drugs.

The police had arrested Akhil Soni, Business Manager of Mind Fire Solutions, Harjoth Singh, an industrialist, Hani, a digital marketing entrepreneur and Akhil, a photographer along with Siddhanth Kapoor.

They had seized 7 grams of MDMA crystals and 10 grams of Ganja after conducting a raid at the rave party organized at the luxury hotel.

Further investigations are on.


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