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Hubbali-Dharwad Police’s Tweet Goes Viral Soon After Vikram Lander’s Chandrayaan Landing

Hubballi, Aug 24: In a symbolic nod to India’s achievements in space science, the successful landing of Vikram Lander, part of ISRO’s Chandrayaan mission, on the southern pole of the moon has generated a surge of pride and enthusiasm. Right on the heels of this historic feat, the Hubbali-Dharwad Police posted a tweet that has quickly gained widespread attention.

While ISRO scientists achieved a milestone by landing Vikram Lander on the moon’s surface, the police force of Hubbali-Dharwad city is making a statement of their own by catching individuals performing bike wheeling stunts and emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic rules. This unique incident, where they apprehended a person attempting wheeling stunts, is being shared on their Twitter account in a distinctive way, paralleling the landing on the moon.

The tweet :

“Yesterday, two incidents occurred:

1. ‘Our pride Vikram Lander successfully landed on the moon’s surface.’

2. ‘The person attempting wheeling by lifting the bike’s front wheel and performing stunts was caught and brought to the ground.’

By creatively sharing this incident on Twitter, the Hubbali-Dharwad Police have captured attention while highlighting their success in apprehending individuals engaged in reckless behavior.

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