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Change of Country Name: Here’s Minister Joshi’s Statement

HUBBALLI, Sept 11: Union minister Prahlad Joshi, in a significant statement regarding the possibility of renaming the country from India, clarified that there have been no discussions about changing the country’s name.

Speaking with reporters in Hubballi today, he emphasized that India remains India, and there have been no plans to undergo any such renaming process.

Addressing concerns, he stated that some individuals had speculated about renaming India, but it was not a government initiative. He reassured that the country continues to be called India, and people are free to refer to it as they always have.

In response to a comment made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about India’s global leadership, Joshi added that India stands as a prominent nation on the world stage, alongside other major countries. He concluded by emphasizing that they all see leadership opportunities ahead.

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