Balaji Hospital Surgeons Successfully Operate Parkinson’s Patient

Hubballi: Neurologists of the Shri Balaji Hospital have conducted a successful operation on 70-year-old Shrishail Payagunda, a Parkinson’s patient from Vijayapura, earning appreciation on the medical front.

The pallidotomy surgery is considered one of the toughest in the field of surgery.

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s struggle to use their limbs, but most of them are still given tablets for treatment. Surgery is the last resort, said Dr Krantikiran, chairman of Shri Balaji Hospital.

Further, he said that patients have been operated in hospitals in Bengaluru and a couple other cities. This is the first such surgery conducted in North Karnataka at an affordable rate.

The patient Payagunda said that he has received a new life now.

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