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3 Leopards Sighted Near Dharwad, Villagers Panic

Dharwad, Feb 13 : Leopards have left villagers in panic in Hale Tegur and Hosa Tegur located on the outskirts of Dharwad city.

According to media reports, panic gripped among villagers after a few of them sighted three leopards. However, the Forest officials are yet to confirm the leopards straying into human habitat.

The villagers have reportedly raised alarm after they spotted three leopards moving around in the fields and also near a farmhouse on Sunday.

They immediately alerted the Forest officials. However, after a long search, the forest officials could not find any pug marks.

But, the villagers confirmed that they have been spotting the leopards for the last two days. They claim that two dogs guarding a farmhouse near the fields have gone missing for last two days. The villagers suspect that the leopard has attacked and killed the dogs.

The forest officials have conducted a search operation in the areas where the farmers claimed that they had spotted the leopards. However, the team has not found any pug mark but the search operation has continued.

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