Playing Loud Music On Mobile Phones Banned In Karnataka Buses

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has banned playing loud music on mobile phones while travelling in KSRTC buses.

In a circular issued to the media on Friday, the state has told their drivers and conductors to deboard passengers creating such nuisance.

The order came following a writ petition filed in the Karnataka High Court. As per the order, the bus conductor will first ask the passenger to switch off the phone’s speaker mode. If the passenger does not comply, the driver or conductor may ask the person to deboard from the bus. The driver may also halt the bus until the person gets off.

The KSRTC said loud sounds through audio and video files played on mobile phones violate section 94(1)(v) of the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. It also noted that public interest litigation has been filed in the High Court of Karnataka in this regard.

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  1. Public cannot play audio OK fine, what about buss driver itself plays loud music with there inbuilt sound system in buss?
    People commute in public transportation, when they get a important work related calls buss driver will not understand that

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