FASTag Compulsory From Tonight: Check All Details Here

Road and Transport Ministry have announced that any vehicle that will pass through the toll plazas without a FASTag will have to pay twice the cash at the toll plaza on the national highways from midnight of February 15-16.

The ministry said in order “It has been decided that all the lanes in the fee plazas on National Highways shall be declared as ‘FASTag lanes w.e.f. midnight of 15th /16th February 2021.”

According to a TOI report, the government has amended the Motor Vehicle Rules making it compulsory for all four-wheelers and above vehicles to adopt FASTag from January 1 and from April, it is mandatory for renewing your vehicle insurance policy.

Earlier, the ministry had decided that the FASTags will be mandatory for motor vehicles from January 1. FASTags, which facilitates digital payment at toll plazas, was introduced in 2016.

“State transport departments are sending messages to vehicle owners mentioning that those who violate this rule would have to pay Rs. 300 fine for first offence and Rs. 500 for repeat violation,” the TOI report added.

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