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Dharwad Talkies To Make Web Series, Hunts Artists

DHARWAD: In a bid to provide jobs to theater artists, Intercity-based theater group Dharwad Talkies is all set to begin shooting web series in Dharwad.

Informing this to Hubballi Times, Dharwad Talkies founder Mr. Kishore Bajaj said that there were many talented artists in North Karnataka. “Hubli-Dharwad has got wonderful musicians, fantastic writers, and creative artists and whatnot. Technicians here are very hard working. but they have very little opportunities,” Mr. Bajaj opined.

Mr. Bajaj, who also runs Prakruti Seva Trust and Naukari Siddi Rastu, said, “My brother Rajesh Bajaj is a well-known personality in ad agencies in Chennai. He was in a mess during lockdown because his creative mind was rotting. Seeing my brother’s plight and emerging talents in North Karnataka, I decided to contribute to the theater industry. I wanted to give food kits to artists. but every third technician or the artist I met, said “Namage Oota Beda, Kelasa Kotre Saku.” (We want work rather than food).

“The talents of theater artists are getting rotten as Covid lock-downs eroded their opportunities. So I came up with the idea of making low-budget OTT series or web series so that artists can get work. Where to shoot was the next question before me. To fulfill this requirement, Dharwad Talkies has started a film studio by name Dharwad digital laboratories in Dharwad,” Mr. Bajaj said.

We hope to do more for the theaters and the drama community and hopefully, we should meet our goal by making quality films. 

Those who want to work in the web series of Dharwad Talkies can mail their resume to [email protected], [email protected].

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