Woman Along With Lover Arrested For Murder Of Husband

HUBBALLI: Rural police arrested the accused in the murder of a man in Anchatageri within 24 hours of the crime.

Jagadish Manohar Kolhapur was found dead by the Channapura Road in the village on Tuesday morning with his head apparently crushed with a stone. The rural police, who conducted the investigation, have arrested Kolhapur’s wife Akshatha and her lover Kashappa Thippannavar.

Superintendent P Krishnakant told reporters that the police also found that the Akshatha and Thippannavar, who had been neighbours, were in a relationship for some time. About a year and a half ago, however, Akshatha’s parents got her married to Kolhapur, a native of Hanagal, Haveri district. The couple had a child about four months ago. Thippannavar, who is working as a lineman, was married four to five months ago.

Akshatha and Thippannavar, with a desire to continue their relationship, decided to get Kolhapur killed. Thippannavar took Kolhapur for a drink on Monday night on his motorbike, after which, when Kolhapur was in an inebriated state, Thippannavar took him to a secluded place on the Channapura Road and hit him on the head with a stone, the superintendent added.

DySP Ravi Naik and rural inspector Ramesh Gokak led the investigation. PSIs Manjula Sadariyavar, D Chamundeshwari, R M Bhadrapura and D I Bavimani as well as staff members M S Amminbhavi, Narayana Hireholi, M R Golandaja, A M Navalur, Malagi, M F Valikar, A M Thakkayi, C B Janagannavar, M F Helavara, S I Gaekwad, Mahantesh Nanagoud, N B Karajagi, S R Yaragatti, R B Kundgol, Y D Kumbara and D L Karabannavar were part of the investigation team.

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