The Bright Side: 12 More Covid Patients Discharged, Total 318

DHARWAD: Twelve more patients of Covid-19 have been discharged from hospital in the Dharwad district, raising the total of recovered cases to 318.

The 12 patients were among 880 to have been discharged across Karnataka between 5 pm, July 10, and 5 pm, July 11, according to the bulletin issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

The 318 discharged patients from Dharwad are among 14,716 patients to recover in Karnataka to date.

The discharged patients from Dharwad were: P-15614, 16919, 16927, 16930, 16932, 16935, 16939, 16947, 16949, 16950, 16951 and 16953.

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