‘Terrorist Caught In Hubballi’: Viral Video Of Mock Drill Stumps Citizens

HUBBALLI: A viral video of a terrorist being caught at the Old Bus Stand in Hubballi on Saturday, August 22, sent shockwaves through citizens but it later turned out to be just a mock drill.

The video, widely shared on social media, starts with commotion inside an NKWRTC bus. Policemen are seen asking passengers to raise their hands and get off the bus. The scene then cuts to a man – wearing an off-white shirt, black trousers, sneakers, a facial mask and a cap – being surrounded by cops. A policeman asks the man to remove his backpack and makes him sit to his knees.

In short, the video looked as if the cops had indeed caught a wanted criminal from Namma Hubballi. There was, however, a catch: it was all a mock drill!

The drill was an effort by the Hubballi-Dharwad police and emergency workers to alert citizens to suspicious elements around them and how to respond should such a situation arise.

Citizens were relieved after learning that it was just a mock drill.

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