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Onions Over 100 Per Kg in Hubballi-Dharwad: Here’s Why

HUBBALLI: Once again the price of onions hit the roof bringing tears to people in the twin cities.

The wet weather is always considered a problem for onion growers and buyers. While the farmers struggle with the issue of crops destroyed in heavy showers, the shortage of supply causes a hike in the price of the vegetable. This, in turn, proves a matter of worry for the people.

The district has been experiencing such a situation for the last two weeks due to the rain.

The supply of onion to the Dharwad markets has been maximum from Navalgund, Hubballi and Kundgol. The farmers in the region had sowed the crop on 20 hectares of land – 90% of it, however, was destroyed in the pre-monsoon showers this year. They had hardly anything left to get to the market.

The buyers are disappointed at getting low quality onion in the markets, which are rotting far sooner than expected – many are finding it a waste of money.

While the district has always depended on neighbouring districts for onions in monsoon, this year the condition is worse than always. Bagalkot and Vijayapura districts too are struggling for onion production. Across the border, in Maharashtra too, heavy rain has wrecked the crop in many places. The recorded supply from neighbouring districts to the Hubballi market has fallen this year from the usual 10 to 20,000 quintals to merely 371 quintals. The supply from Pune to Hubballi has been 947 quintals only, as recorded on Thursday.

All of this has resulted in a drastic rise in the rate of onion in the district.

The minimum price of local onion, which was Rs 500 a quintal, is now Rs 4,600 a quintal. For the Pune onion, the rate has risen to Rs 8,000 a quintal. In the retail markets, the price of onion per kg has crossed Rs 100.

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