Man Stabbed In The Heart, Dies

HUBBALLI: A man, who is said to have quarreled with his mother after she refused to give money for buying alcohol and left the house, died of stabbing wounds, reports SK.

Rajesh Swamirava Hutagi, a resident of Krishnapur Oni of Old Hubballi police limits, was stabbed in the heart and parts of the stomach and failed to respond to treatment.

His mother has complained with the Old Hubballi police that her son has been murdered. She has stated that her son fought with her on the night of October 8, demanding money for drinks and left the house. He did not return late at night, which worried her. On the morning of October 9, however, he was found with stab injuries near Gautham School, Ayodhyanagar.

A heavily bleeding Rajesh was admitted to hospital but died of the injuries. Since there were marks of Rajesh having been stabbed with a sharp instrument, his mother has told the police that her son has been murdered.

The police are investigating the matter.

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