Keshwapur Police Arrest Motorbike Thief, Seize 4 Bikes

HUBBALLI: The Keshwapur police have arrested a motorbike thief in the city and also confiscated four motorbikes from him.

Appayya alias Apya Rachayya Bendigerimath, a resident of Vidyagiri in Dharwad, was arrested on Monday.

The police seized a black Pulsar bike (KA-25, EE-8178), a black Splendour Plus (KA-25, ER-1287), and two black Splendour Pro motorbikes (KA-25, EF-3358 and KA-25, U-1448), which totally value approximately Rs 1 lakh.

Officers from the Keshwapur station Suresh Kumbar and PSI Sadashiva Kanatti led the investigating team. Policemen M D Kalavada, D Y Bhajantri, S P Kale, R L Rathod, R P Kendura, V A Alagawadi, H B Madolli, Sharanappa Kareyankannavara were also part of the investigation.

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