DHARWAD: Allegation of gender discrimination is being heard in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here, which has started functioning two years back.

“Girl students are not allowed to avail study, laboratory, and library facilities after 9:30pm. They have to study in their rooms after 9:30pm without going laboratory and library facilities,” some girl students said, quoting the decision of IIT Students’ Welfare Dean S V Prabhu.

Explaining their woes, the girl students said that the dean, in an emergency meeting, ordered the girl students not to go outside their hostel after 9:30pm. He did not even entertain the request to allow studying at the mess which is at a distance of just 50 meters from the hostel, the girl students said.

Sources in IIT-Dharwad said DH, the girls are restricted from going out of the hostel after 9:30pm in view of their safety.

The IIT campus is near the national highway and it is not desirable to allow them free movement after 9:30pm. The restriction is a temporary measure, the sources said.

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