DHARWAD: The Hubballi-Dharwad Police have arrested the autorickshaw driver who had reportedly knocked down a BRTS security guard at Navalur Railway Station bus stand on Tuesday.

The arrested has been identified as Malleshi Yallappa Naikar, a resident of Unkal in Hubballi.

Mallesh had run over his autorickshaw on the security guard and a video clip of this was widely circulated on social media. Based on the footage and complaint filed by the victim Kallappa Madiwal, the police arrested Mallesh from his house on Thursday.

The victim – Kallappa Madiwal – is undergoing treatment at SDM Hospital at Sattur. He has sustained head injury, and his right arm is fractured. He has also suffered leg injury and is unable to walk.

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  1. There is lot of indiscipline in Traffic beween Hubbali Dharwad,Many times from BRT lane private taxies,tempos,two wheels Autos drive their vehicles unauthorized manner,RTO representatives never taking actions on such riders with high speed,The same issues in Dharwad city traffic rules not followed like operations of side Indicator or hand signal,everyone takes turn without indicators by obstacles with safe drive,not only they r creating nusaince for others too,overtaking with wrong sides both way left side overtaking not at all advisable,but riders do keep telling go and tell these traffic rules to RTO as these r mainly for them,OVERALL there is Arrogance in driving.Unauthorised parking one more serious issue,so many times we had raised these issues but nothing happens.Non adherence of traffic signal,manual RTO police where they r posted especially on sub and smaller cross over they never give presidance who r driving from straight / main road they just come in between one has to apply sudden brakes overall all very unsafe drive without thinking abilities of does & donts without fear approach.

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