Five Covid-19 Patients In Hubballi-Dharwad Get Home Treatment

Govt has allowed home isolation of asymptomatic, mild patients

DHARWAD: Five Covid-19patients in Hubballi-Dharwad who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms underwent treatment through tele-consulation at home.

Such treatment was permitted by the government since the number of Covid-19 infection cases is rising in the country. The government has given guidelines for asymptomatic patients to remain at home and get themselves treated.

As many as 17 people in the Dharwad district were given the home isolation treatment barely two days after the government permitted it. When the infection was confirmed, a team of doctors inspected the patients and suggested the new style of treatment.

Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil has reminded the people not to panic in case of the Covid-19 infection. “But we should remember to wear masks, use sanitiser and maintain social distance. We should also remember to wash our hands regularly to keep ourselves safe,” he advised.

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