Dharwad Lockdown: Here’s What Will Be Open And How Long

DHARWAD: With the entire Dharwad district set to go into another lockdown from 10 am, July 15, to 8 pm, July 24, the authorities have issued detailed guidelines on what will be open during the period in areas outside containment zones.

Here’s the list, as per the order issued by Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil on Tuesday, July 14:

1) Bakeries, fruit and vegetable stalls, meat/fish shops, dairy and milk booths, etc will be allowed to remain open from 5 am to noon.

2) Takeaway (parcel) services at restaurants.

3) E-commerce companies can deliver medicines, medical supplies, food items, etc.

4) Banks, ATMs, insurance offices.

5) Only flights and trains already scheduled will remain operational. Tickets will serve as passes for cabs and taxis.

5) Offices of the departments of health, medical education, police, civil defence, fire and emergency services, prison and the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation.

7) Hescom (electricity), water supply services.

8) Deputy commissioner’s offices.

9) All other government agencies and departments will work at 50% of the capacity.

10) Courts and other offices of the judiciary.

11) All government offices and services engaged in Covid-19 duties. The employees must display their ID.

12) District and taluk treasuries.

13) Police, reserve police offices.

14) Post offices, petrol stations.

15) National information centres.

16) The Hubballi airport will work at minimum capacity.

17) Banks will work at minimum capacity.

18) Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, medical equipment suppliers, etc.

19) Agricultural and horticultural services; shops selling agricultural implements.

20) Hubballi-Dharwad One centres.

21) Exams already scheduled will not be cancelled. Students need to produce hall tickets to travel to exam centres.

What’s Closed?

1) All schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, etc.

2) Cinema theatres, malls, etc.

3) All places of worship.

4) Taxis, cabs, autos, except for goods vehicles.

5) Sports, cultural centres, gyms, theatres, bars, clubs, swimming pools, etc.

6) Inter-state, inter-district and intra-district travel.

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