Boat Race In Hubballi’s Potholes: Here’s Unique Protest

HUBBALLI: Residents, leaders and even children expressed their ire over the worst condition of the roads in the city by using play boats in the water settled in the potholes of the roads in Cotton Market here on Monday.

Children placed pictures of District In-charge Minister Jagadish Shettar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the boats that were used on the water of the potholes.

Shettar has failed over a span of years to get the roads in the city improved in condition. The Central and state governments should upgrade the roads immediately and make them utilitarian for the people, demanded Rajat Ullagaddimath, Youth Congress leader, and Shahjahan Mujan, local resident.

 Hubli-Dharwad Central Youth Congress workers Chetan Bijwad, Shahzaman Mujahid, Laxman Gaddi, Manikanth Piragoji, Naveen Shishnalli, Prajwal More, Hazrat Talwai, Srinivas Injaganari and others organised the protest.

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  1. Citizens we are paying taxes and relief funds, charity works during crisis which required for functioning government but we don’t find systematic development with quality work.
    We would like to know whether government depends on taxes or fines? You see everywhere traffic/police department is busy collecting fines, instead of controlling traffic.
    This is harrassment to public, I wanted to know corona not infect in restaurants? Where people don’t maintain distance or wear mask? Then why police collect fines in Roads? We see police don’t wear mask and helmets who will fine them for their wrong doings?

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