3-Year-Old Boy Enters India Book Of Records

HUBBALLI: A little boy from Sattur has drawn the attention of many by entering the India Book of Records 2020, for his speed of speech.

Advaith Sardeshmukh is a boy from Vanasiri Nagar in Sattur, aged just three years and 10 months. At this little age, he rattles off things that reflect his immense knowledge and also his memory.

Advaith can tell you the names of the seven continents, the prime minister of India and the different ministers, all states in the country as well as the capitals and all districts in the states with utter ease. He knows details of the planets in the solar system, the names of the 28 stars and 12 moon signs, in the Indian calendar, count from 1 to 100 in both English and Kannada, 1 to 50 in Hindi. In addition, Advaith can also recite 12 different shlokas, the names of Lord Vishnu’s 10 avataras (Dashavatara), English poems and little tales in Kannada.

His mother Shwetha Sardeshmukh is a teacher in a private school. His father Vinayak Sardeshmukh works with a private company. Advaith’s talent for remembering information at a very young age pleasantly surprised his parents, who proudly felt a need to bring it to the notice of society too.

A YouTube channel has been created in the name of Advaith Sardeshmukh, as he is interested in singing and drawing too, they said.

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